Service and product design

OmégaWatt is involved in two major activities : 

  1. Consulting on energy efficiency projects
  2. (End use submetering, energy consumption analysis, efficient process and appliances…)
  3. Design of energy consumptions Data logging and measuring systems

Services :

OmégaWatt focuses on very detailed analysis of energy consumptions in industries and buildings involving the implementation of extended measurement on site.

Our goal is to give our customers the ability to set up an Energy consumption reduction plan on the short, middle and long term.

To achieve this goal, we can count on

  1. A continuous technological intelligence on energy efficient solutions
  2. Our large range of measurement instruments and our experience in the field

Design of innovative data logging and measuring systems

Our commitment to understand and reduce the energy consumptions in buildings led us to design compact, cost effective and multichannel measurement instruments.
Starting with Multivoies, an innovative electrical energy measurement system with a range of up to hundreds of measurement channels, OmégaWatt continuously widen and adapt its range of products to the market needs.

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